El Autismo es Recuperable!!!

Si, luche contra el y vera resultados. No se deje convencer por los que viven del autismo.

Today in the Chicago Tribune News Paper

My Opinion

For people that did not have any degree in chemistry is very easy to said whatever they have in the brain including the person who write this article. I’m chemist and this Sodium Chlorite (no Clorox Purex that not Sodium Chlorite) has been use on the water that you drink everyday and is not toxic. Otherwise EPA will take out the same way they take out the Sodium Hypochlorite (that is Clorox Purex main ingredient) when was found that induce cancer on drinking water.

But because is not «approved» by your FDA, people abuse from our legal system to take kid out of the parents. This case is one of the multiple case already seen on court by divorced parent to get custody of the child. But the Sodium Chlorite if you don’t know has been used in all south america and other region of the world where «FDA» does not have control and with a lot of success. Autism the one cause by vaccine can be recoverable.

But for the million american this treatment is not available because «FDA» and «CDC» warnings. I work with a lot of kid using this «BLEACH» in a correct way and the majority get out of diagnose in one to two years. Do you believe if that «BLEACH» is poison a lot of case will be in the news every day and you never have a death case in the news. But news paper instead of present the correct picture use the CLOROX PUREX picture to make you believe that is the same thing and is not.

Sodium Hypochlorite produce a poison when is combine with the acid of the stomach for that reason is dangerous but Sodium Chlorite did not produce the same gas and is not poison at low concentrations. Before you make an opinion be a chemist and talk, is easy to commit mistake like this. Reading information from the wrong sources.

This what happens when clorox purex arrive to your stomach.

2 H+ (ac) + ClO–(ac) + Cl– (ac) → Cl2 (gas) + H2O (liquid)

Produce a molecule of chlorine that is a gas that is poison for that reason the people get sick and died.  But the chemistry of Sodium Chlorite is completely different when arrive to the stomach.

5 NaClO2 + 4 HCl → 5 NaCl + 4 ClO2 + 2 H2O

Produce 5 molecule of table salt and 4 molecule of Chlorine Dioxide  and two molecule of water.  Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidizer and dissolve very easy in water.   That way pass to the circulatory system and start doing the cleaning process.

If is a poison did you think I can have a variation graph over time exposure of this «Bleach»  this good.

chart (57)


If this bleach is so poison all those 900 kids will be in the emergency room every day because poisoning with the wrong substance.  And that exactly what this group of people want you to do.  Present the wrong picture so you memorize in your brain that Sodium Chlorite is Clorox Purex and you can buy in the supermarket and give to your kid in the bottle.

This is the most insane propaganda from the people that think they are more smart than anybody in this world and because they have the power of the publicity they can make you believe the wrong information to cause a death and then said was cause by Sodium Chlorite and industrial bleach.  I’m really tired of this nonsense, I never see any chemist been interview and give a honest opinion of what is really the problem here.  Always is a journalist making comments that make me laugh every time I read something like this  but also give me a lot of concern because the people like you that does not have any knowledge in chemistry will believe that Sodium Chlorite is Clorox Purex.  That is exactly what this people want you to believe.

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